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It’s too damn much and no matter how much you tell yourself next month you will get your business’s social media together, you just can't because you are a business owner not a marketing expert.



8 week




Social media is a giant matrix of learning and understanding and staying on-trend /topic. 

More importantly, how the heck do you do that for your own business?

does this sound like you?

How can I uplevel my Instagram branding, marketing, and community?


How do I even know which trends to hop on?


What TikToks/Reels should I create or how do I even begin?


What matters most to my marketing and what should I ditch/not stress over?


How the heck do I get aesthetically pleasing content?


How do I warm up an audience?


Where do I even freaking begin?

I know your head just hurt reading all that, ugh!

It’s too damn much and no matter how much you tell yourself next month you will get your business’s social media together, you just can't because you're a business owner, not a marketing expert.


You stick to your craft and I will consult and mentor you using mine.

Program Outline

my 8-week mentorship is broken up into 2 parts, with a bonus call.

our first 4 weeks


4 - 1hr calls- 1:1 calls are based on your needs, as everyone is ready to learn at different levels.

 You will get all of these recorded and emailed to you to review our notes.

During this time an intensive dive into your social media strategy and marketing will happen over our calls together.

We will completely revamp your business’s online presence.

during our entire time you will access to me during my business hours via voice note and text.


our last 4 weeks


We will work to set up your social media posts on Instagram after we work on our content strategies and content branding together.

We will initiate and execute 4 IG or Tik Tok reels - face and no face versions depending on your comfort level.

I will walk you through ways to utilize stories specific to your niche and business.


We will also take a look at your overall digital marketing and anything we can add /re-work. Think other social media apps, e-mail or SMS marketing.


Bonus call


I want to see you win and execute all that we work on during our time together- I know you will be great with all learned.  However, things change in the world of social media marketing, you may have new questions.

Realistically speaking we should loopback 1 more time 3-6 months post mentorship. Book your last bonus call in this package during that time period to get new questions answered

Investment Cost








2 payments



Is this one-on-one or a group 8 week program?

This 8-week mentorship is 1-1 based. However, during the program cycle, I only take on 3-4 clients each enrollment period. 

Enrollment is currently OPEN.

If I do the payment plan when is my second payment due?

Your second/final payment is due 3 weeks after our first call. An invoice will be sent by my team on the 3 week due date.

Will calls be recorded?

Yes, these calls will be via a recorded ZOOM and many times do NOT require you to be camera-ready, you will be notified if screen shares or camera is required.

How do I book my calls?

Upon checking out ​you will be prompted to book your first call. All other calls can be booked in the below button (calls 2,3,4 and bonus) Please notate which call it is upon booking.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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